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  • What do I need to open a PMB?
    2 Separate forms of identification are needed. A Form 1583 must be on file to receive USPS mail at our facility. This form allows us permission to handle your postal mail. We use the two forms of ID to verify you and complete the 1583. 1 Photo ID - Government/State issued photo ID, Passport, VA card, Active/Non-Active military ID etc.. 2 Address ID - Current lease, vehicle registration, insurance registration etc.. *You can use your photo ID for your address ID, IF you have an ALTERNATE photo ID to use.
  • If I don't have a PMB can I still receive packages at your store?
    YES: As a Non-Member you can use our address to get packages mailed to you. It must come UPS or FedEx. There is no USPS mail delivery in Quartzsite. Any item going through the postal system will not come to our physical address and there for not be delivered for a non member pick-up.
  • Can I bring you an item not in a package to be shipped?
    YES : We package and ship utilizing FedEx, UPS as well as USPS. We have carrier branded packaging for your convenience at no extra cost. If your item requires special packaging or a custom built box/container to travel in, we got you covered too.
  • Can I use your location as a primary address?
    YES : We provide an address that you are able to receive both mail and packages at. We provide both a street address as well as a Po Box & PMB. If you need a place to register your vehicles and establish a domicile, we have that available in our Elite Plan.
  • Can I drop off my UPS and FedEx packages at your location?
    YES : We are a FedEx service center & a UPS drop off location.
  • Can I Send and receive "regular" USPS mail at your location?
    YES : You can drop off or send out your USPS mail at any time. In order to receive your USPS mail, you have to open a PMB with us.
  • Can I receive my Amazon delivery at your address?
    Yes: But understand that Quartzsite is a PO Box based town. Meaning there is no USPS delivery to physical addresses. With that said. If your item travels through UPS or FedEx the whole trip it will come to our physical address because it is delivered by their truck. If your item travels through the postal system it will not be delivered to the physical address, but be returned to sender as not deliverable. The only way that we have found to ensure you receive all your deliveries, is to open a PMB . We are then able to provide you with complete mail service.
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