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Non Member Mail

You use your name and our address of

103 S Moon Mountain Ave

Quartzsite AZ 85346

You can not receive USPS without a (PMB). 

Please Read The Terms of Use Below.


Non members that do not have a Personal Mail Box (PMB) with us can receive packages via FedEx or UPS at our store for a fee of $5.00 a package.


The terms of use for receiving non member packages. They are as follows; You have 30 days to retrieve your package. After 30 days we will charge $2.00 a day storage on your item. After it hits the 60 day mark and we have had no contact from you, your item will be considered abandoned and removed from inventory.

Something to know about Amazon.

Amazon sellers utilize UPS, FedEx as well as USPS. If you know for sure your item is traveling UPS or FedEx the whole way then it will arrive at our physical address with your name on it. But if the shipper uses the postal system, being that there is no USPS delivery in the town of Quartzsite your item will end at the post office with nowhere to go and will be sent back. For this reason we encourage you to purchase at least our Basic plan to be sure all items arrive for you at our facility.

Use this Address for shipping your packages to us.

Your Name
103 S Moon Mountain Ave.

Quartzsite, AZ. 85346

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